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3202 2 cycle 55hp

(Replaced Hirth 2704 - May 2002)

The 3202 produces 55hp at only 5500 rpm while building an impressive torque of 53.2 ft lbs. at only 5000 rpm. Operating in an Rpm range 1500 Rpm less than conventional 2 cycles results in a very smooth and quiet running engine with impressive power. Fuel rate is lowered and TBO increases.

3202 incorporates Al-Nikasil coated cylinders for superior performance and reliability. Al-Nikasil in simple terms is a nickel based material, applied in a paste form, when super heated it becomes part of the cylinder itself. Al-Nikasil provides for a super low coefficient of friction, reducing engine heat and wear. The pistons and cylinders expand at the same rate thus providing for a seizure resistant engine. 3202 crankshaft is 4130 chromemolly steel. Heads, cylinders, rings, block casting, connecting rods and associated components are all of the highest grade alloys available. The 3202 is an excellent upgrade and replacement for the discontinued Rotax 503.

Factory recommended TBO is rated at 1200 Hrs. @ 75% power.

The Hirth 3203 is an excellent replacement alternative for the discontinued rotax 503

Please contact Customer Service for current pricing.

The 3202 Series can be quoted with
or without the following options:
• Electric or Recoil Start
• Reduction Drive
• Single or Dual Ignition
• Fuel Injection or Carbureted
• Oil Injection

Special Design - High Torque/Low Rpm Engine

Engine Type:
2 cycle, two cylinder
HP Output:
55hp @ 5500rpm
53ft/bs @ 5000rpm
Dual CDI
(Capacitive digital Ign.)
Dual 34mm slide or optional electronic fuel injection
Fuel Pump:
Auxiliary external pneumatic
Fuel mixed with oil @ 50:1 /Blue Max @80:1 or optional oil injection
Counter clockwise, viewed from output end
12 volt electric, recoil or both
250 watt/20 amp alternator standard
Fan cooled
79 lbs-fan cooled including electric starter and exhaust. Optional gearbox adds 19 lbs.
Reduction Units:
G-50 gearbox available in 2.16:l, 2.29:l, 2.59:l, 3.16:l and 3.65:l ratios. Multi - V and cog belt belt drives also available.
Drive Coupling:
Elastomeric dampener or optional centrifugal clutch.

When compared to the discountinued Rotax 503 which produces torque of 38Ft.Lbs.@5800 and 50Hp at 6,250 Rpm while the Hirth 3202 produces 53Ft.Lbs.@5000 and 55Hp at 5500 Rpm. This means lower rpm's at equal airspeeds with much less noise, less vibration and lower fuel rate.

Engine Print

The average fuel burn for the Hirth 3202 is 2.9 Gph, while the Rotax 503 is 3.4 Gph. This makes the 55hp Hirth aviation engine an excellent upgrade and replacement for the 50hp Rotax 503

Exhaust Print

Hirth 3202 is an excellent upgrade and replacement for the discontinued Rotax 503.

Customer Photo Gallery

3202 installed on Destiny PPC
Destiny PPC #1
Destiny PPC #2

3202 installed in Drifter
Drifter #1
Drifter #2
Drifter #3

3202 installed in Adventura Amphibian
Amphibian #1
Amphibian #2

As a replacement option for the Rotax 503 in a Tryke, the Hirth 3202 offers lighter weitht, with greater horsepower and torque at a lower rpm. This allows cruising with less vibration, lower noise levels, creating greater fuel economy and longer TBO

3202 installed in Raptor Tryke
Raptor #1 Raptor #2
Raptor #3

3202 installed on a Tryke
Tryke #1
Tryke #2